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Drawing on our strength in research and education, and in collaboration with other specialists, scientists, nurses and staff at UCSF, the Endocrine Surgical Oncology Program strives to provide the most innovative and compassionate care possible for our patients.

UCSF endocrine surgeons treat more than 1000  patients a year. We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of both common and rare endocrine diseases. This helps us achieve high success rates and low complication rates.  Our surgeons are actively involved in basic and clinical research, including the most innovative clinical trials . Our research offers our patients the possibilities of better means to diagnose, localize and treat endocrine diseases.

The UCSF Endocrine Surgery & Oncology Practice is comprised of the following dedicated specialized centers:

Advanced Thyroid Surgery Center 
Advanced Parathyroid Surgery Center 
Center for Adrenal Surgery 
Familial Endocrine Neoplasia Program 
UCSF Endocrine Neoplasia Destination Center

Preparing for a Procedure at the UCSF Endocrine Surgery Clinic

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